Being held to a high standard and maintaining a perfect image was all DANIELLE "DANNY" EMERSON knew growing up. The youngest of three, she didn't understand why she had to follow in the family's traditions. As she grew older, she couldn't hide behind the veil that covers her true identity. So, when she decided to drop out of school and pursue dancing full-time, her family wasn't having it! But that quickly changed the night RASHAD STEVENSON saved Danielle's life. Falling rapidly for one another, they started a romance that flourished to marriage.

   The first year of marriage is always the hardest, but for Rashad and Danielle, the first five were the worse. Being a family-oriented man, Rashad desperately wanted a child and it killed Danielle knowing that she couldn't gove him that. They both are used to hurdles in their path however, Danny's darkest secret has yet to come to light. Secrets are the root of all evil, will Danielle tell Rashad her secret or will she hide it for as long as she can?

Secrets: Everyone Has A Secret or Two